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Love is our highest purpose, and the yardstick of our final judgement
Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus and be enthroned in my heart
The Holy Spirit gives us the grace of conviction of our sins needed for true repentance
All thanksgiving to the Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son, Jesus
In our current age of moral relativism and confusion, God’s Word is the Guide and Standard we can absolutely rely on
Our Unity in Christ is founded on His Truth
We are no ordinary people, we are a people set apart for God
O Sacrament Most Holy, the Wondrous Gift of God Himself
In the Passion of Christ we can find Light and Strength
Our sufferings can be turned into our good and do mighty work for God’s Kingdom
Letting go of all our bondages and baggage for the hope to which we are called
Why Satan hates our Blessed Mother Mary so much
Blessed are those who live in God’s presence and draw strength from Christ’s Passion for every trial
The motivation for Discernment is an ardent love for God’s will
God’s teachings and laws define evil, and adherence to it protects us from deception and relativism
Good intention cannot make an evil act good

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