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Are we blind to our self-righteousness?
Nature attests to the existence of the one true God
Speaking the truth with love and courage
Blessed are the pure-hearted for they shall see God
Oneness with Christ, our final union in love
Worries, regrets, distractions fritter away our graces for the Present moment
We are called to be saints
Recognizing and demolishing our false gods
God shows us how great it is to be human
A Christmas Letter from On High
The Incarnation that changed eternal destiny of the world
Encountering Christ and building up a personal relationship with Him
Standing firm on our faith amidst unprecedented scandals
I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me from within (cf. Philippians 4:13)
Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid (John 14:27)
The Lord upholds the truths of the Holy Eucharist, and so should we
The Freedom of God's Children
Surrendering to God gives Him a free hand
The priceless pearl we need to possess
Christ’s Relationship with the Heavenly Father is our pattern and guide
Our Most Loveable Heavenly Father has been revealed to us
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Undeterred, truthful and courageous in Christ
Beautifying my mind
They look and look but do not see
Humility prepares our heart for the fulfillment of God’s will
Filial and loving obedience is solid proof of our love for God
Led by the Holy Spirit
Our soul, our most precious possession
Discernment is a treasured, high gift of God
Learning to trust God
Testifying to Christ
Christ prepared His Disciples for His Gift of the Eucharist
At His Name all knees must bend (cf. Philippians 2:10)
Re-ordering our lives in spiritual readiness
What is great in the eyes of God
Who would have thought...
Master, I want to see
Perfect abandonment to God engenders perfect peace
Building my Spiritual House with gold, silver, precious stones
Fill our hearts with grace by sincere prayers and detachment from self and worldly allurements
Like the deer that longs for a running stream
God's abiding Presence calms all fears
Peace comes from freedom from bondage to sin
Discerning and living God's will
Before they call, I will answer
Every human heart seeks true joy and rest
Christ's Glory is in His Cross
Drawing light and strength from Christ’s Passion
Self-knowledge is the key to repentance
Fasting with prayers transforms us, paves the way for God’s mighty intervention and mitigation of His wrath
Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt
Our strength and inspiration is in God's everlasting love
Setting our minds in freedom of truth
Answering and treasuring God's higher calling
Our impenetrable refuge of peace and rest
Our faith exposes the false ideologies of the world
In Christ we are more than conquerors
Christian hope is indestructible
He must increase and I decrease
When God is not afraid to become man
Ordering our lives for true peace
A personal relationship with Christ – the antidote to apathy, complacency and lukewarmness
Without faith we cannot please God
Moral relativism and Religious Indifferentism
Real peace and security can only be found in God's will
May my life be a fragrant song of praise to God
My heart is restless till it rests in You, Lord
We know God by keeping His commandments
Pride, our number 1 enemy
The Essence of Holy Mass
In Christ we have power and authority over all evil spirits
We are predestined to share God's glory
Forming our conscience in the truth
Fear God, not man
Do not be afraid, God is always in charge
God gives us the power to forgive our enemies
May my life be a continual hymn of praise to God
Sin destroys freedom and joy
Working for food that endures for eternal life
Remaining in the truth by adherence to God's Commandments
Peace in the midst of persecution
Discerning the discouragement of Satan
Heeding the inspirations of the Holy Spirit
Declaring the Mighty Works of God
Interior silence in the midst of the turmoil in the world
Reaping the bad fruits of the current Moral Crisis
Unity in truth
Our First Duty
Encountering Christ personally through His Inerrant Word
Last three things before Ascension
We have the power to be a blessing to others
Clothe me with Power from on High
God’s Promise to be with Us Always
A Love that Records No Wrong and Fully Restores
Preparedness of the soul is the foundation of inner peace
Practising our Baptismal Priesthood
True faith soars high above human reason
Blessed are those who are not scandalized in me (cf. Luke 7:23)
Heaven is a real place we can touch
Who will roll over the boulder for us?
The key to a deeper insight of God and mysteries of His Kingdom
Knowing and realizing our true worth
Know and understand our faith so as to keep it
A heroic act of faith in a sea of unbelievers
Christ, true God and true Man, the way to our Salvation
Lord, grant me the grace of perseverance till the last day of my life
My yoke is easy, my burden is light
Trust in God – the only fount we can drink from
Lord, give us Your Holy Spirit
Familiarity breeds irreverence
When truth is proclaimed, the power of evil is weakened
Attaining inner peace and harmony
We are raised by God to proclaim His Truth
Vigilance in our hearts and minds
What defiles us comes from inside
A beautiful mind blesses others
If we can accept it, everything is a grace
Keeping our minds rooted in truth
God is able to make an oasis in our desert
Obedience to God brings the greatest blessings
Hearing the voice of God amidst noise and distraction
Such Knowledge too wondrous for me
A joyful life is marked by gratitude
God made vulnerable for our Sakes
The Chosen and Elect are led by the Holy Spirit
We are called to live the Passion of Christ
Do we have the interior silence to heed our conscience?
We manifest the presence of Christ when we die to our selfishness
Christians are commissioned to make a difference in the world
Power in Clay Pots
Legalism hardens our heart and hinders growth in spirituality
Love is our origin, mission, vocation and final destiny
Sentimentality can obscure the truth and lead to false mercy
The Power from the Passion of Christ available to us
The Order of Prayer
Making a powerful stand against the evil in and around us
The Most Blessed Sacrament
Transforming ourselves and the world through true worship
The Word of God is truth and stands forever
The first instalment of our glorious eternal inheritance
Fallen man will rise again on wings of prayer
The blessedness of being in the Truth
Precious metals and priceless stones in my hands
For when I am weak then I am strong
No room for mediocrity
More than conquerors
The cost of true discipleship and the peace that comes with it
Small virtues lead to Great ones
Faith that considers not the circumstances glories God
Speaking the truth with love and courage
Blessed are the pure-hearted for they shall see God
God draws near to those who have room in their hearts
Salvation is a free gift from God
The Divine Incarnation, the Amazing Act of God
The Apple of His Eye
Divine Exchange
Selflessness will reveal our true nature
Overcoming adverse human opinion
The Agony in the Garden
The battle belongs to the Lord
The unique role of Blessed Virgin Mary in God’s Plan of Salvation
True Joy is a fruit of Charity
Called to fellowship with Christ
Prayerful meditation puts us consciously into God’s presence
The best compass for life in these troubled times
The hidden power in the Word of God
God binds Himself to His people in a new, unbreakable, eternal, saving Covenant
Love for God is proven by obedience to His Commandments
The more we empty ourselves, the more fruitful we can be
To be successful in the eyes of God
Exhortation to Spiritual Renewal
Why God allows His children to be tempted
The price of a soul to God
Putting on the armour of God in our battle against evil
The Kingdom of God is in our midst
We are all born to be saints - sons and daughters of God
Living a joyous life daily
Living life fully in the present moment, my priceless gift to God
The Spirituality of Littleness
To love is to serve
The Call to Holy Love
Our ardent love for God will empower us to witness to the Truth till the very end
In life and in death we belong to the Lord. Death has lost its sting
No higher authority or power in heaven or on earth
We are made to be blessed, holy and happy
Be overcomers of the spiritual battle within us
Jesus gives us power over our sins
Living the Spirituality of the Resurrection
Christ suffered rejection that we have may God’s acceptance
Self-Abnegation is the doorway to holiness
God’s plan of salvation reveals His deep personal sacrifice for our sakes
Raised up to be like Christ, to do His work, and to inherit His Kingdom
We must practise a virtue in order to be stronger in it
God will provide His grace for every cross we are asked to carry
Clinging to my true identity that lasts for eternity
True surrender submits to God’s will, is without preconditions and accepts the outcome
Can we rise up to the challenge when our faith is sorely tested?
Becoming true friends of God
The Power of Holy Obedience
Love is our highest purpose, and the yardstick of our final judgement
Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus and be enthroned in my heart
The Holy Spirit gives us the grace of conviction of our sins needed for true repentance
All thanksgiving to the Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son, Jesus
In our current age of moral relativism and confusion, God’s Word is the Guide and Standard we can absolutely rely on
Our Unity in Christ is founded on His Truth
We are no ordinary people, we are a people set apart for God
O Sacrament Most Holy, the Wondrous Gift of God Himself
In the Passion of Christ we can find Light and Strength
Our sufferings can be turned into our good and do mighty work for God’s Kingdom
Letting go of all our bondages and baggage for the hope to which we are called
Why Satan hates our Blessed Mother Mary so much
Blessed are those who live in God’s presence and draw strength from Christ’s Passion for every trial
The motivation for Discernment is an ardent love for God’s will
God’s teachings and laws define evil, and adherence to it protects us from deception and relativism
Good intention cannot make an evil act good
I am nothing. God is everything
Jesus sets example on how to serve God
Trust in the Lord and He will act
Our soul, more precious than the whole physical universe
A Lesson from An Archangel
God’s will is the most secure, shortest and easiest route to our Father’s Kingdom
In Christ we are overcomers of all adversities
Getting rid of our lukewarmness and the Pharisee within us
To serve God we need to love God, to love God we need to know God
Christ’s promise: God reveals Himself to and dwells in those who keep His Word
Walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh
God has the will and power to keep His promises
Humility to see the Truth and God’s ways
Protect ourselves from false ideologies by adhering to Christ’s teachings and the infallible Word of God
Suffering, a most precious gift we can offer God
The Supremacy of God’s Will, the Roadmap to our Unceasing joy
Making reparation to the Heart of God by bringing His compassion to others
Entering into the mysteries of God, glorifying God and transforming the world
God wants our faith to be bold and expectant
Abolishing the spiritual strongholds in our minds
Heavenly Father, what a Comfort You are!
Overcoming the Spirit of the World
God’s grace is enough for us to overcome any situation or evil
Some evil can only be driven out by prayer and fasting
Confession - when the greatest of miracles takes place
The evil coming from within us is what defiles us
The worst thing on earth
Our Mission as Priest, Prophet and KIng
Finding joy in prayer
We have the power to choose happiness in every situation
Reverence for God will lead us to a fuller understanding of His ways
The Exceeding Greatness of our Call and Glorious Eternal Inheritance
God speaks to us persuasively during our suffering
Discerning the Falsities of our Confused Age
The Holiness of Truth versus the Falsities of our times
God does not require us to do great things but just to do everything for sake of Him
The greatest love story ever told
The Call to Holiness
Making room for Jesus this Christmas
True surrender, the quickest way to get God’s loving intervention in our difficult situation
Jesus lays down the condition for true Discipleship
Self-knowledge is a great blessing from God
The only criterion by which we will finally be judged
True faith is to trust absolutely in God, His Word, His Promises in all circumstances
Remaining in the peace of Christ
The act of thanking and praising God uplifts our spirit and soul like no other
The most beautiful words ever uttered in the whole Universe
A simple heart attracts God’s favour and is a great instrument in His hands
We are called not to conquer the highest peak but to gain mastery over ourselves
The true value of our actions
Mercy without the Truth cannot save us
God’s grace is only for the present moment
Two primary graces we need to beg God for every day
The daily Mass, our principal source of grace on earth
Maturing into the fullness of Christ
Fulfilling God’s loving divine will is a rest for our weary souls
The Quiet but Immense Power of God in His Sacraments
Adhering to our identity as a true child of God
We are called not to judge but to witness to the Truth
Prayer - the most amazing and powerful force on earth
The Truth and Power of God’s Love
You are a kingly people, a priestly people, a chosen people, God’s special possession
Jesus asks us to free ourselves of all bondages
Making ourselves or others feel comfortable in sin is not God’s will
God’s Spirit is always within us to guide and comfort us
Why Jesus gives us Mary to be our Spiritual Mother
The more we desire to do God’s will, the more He reveals Himself to us, the more we feel His reassuring Presence
In Christ, we are overcomers; our faith will conquer the world
Love God above all, then our love for others can become unconditional
We may be like clay pots but God’s unsurpassing power is within us
Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the Mouth of God
Because of Christ’s Resurrection, our death is a step into our glorious eternal inheritance
Sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it
Prayer will lead to our transformation and joy in the Lord
The greatest of miracles take place during Sacrament of Confession
Responding to the Call to Holiness
Why denial of sin is the worst thing on earth
Everyone should know of God's Promises
Be merciful to others so that our heart is open to receive God’s mercy
Know and Remain in the Truth by Adhering to Christ's Teaching
Brought in spirit to the foot of the Cross on Calvary
Through the Cross, we will be transformed with ever-increasing glory into His image
Living for the glory of God - A Purpose Driven Life
What God chose for Himself at Christmas
May Baby Jesus be born in all hearts this Christmas
For eternity, we are the victorious children of Mary, the Immaculate One
The humble have continuing peace whilst the prideful have frequent indignation
Our Real Enemies are not of Flesh and Blood
The Cross - a gift from God for my sanctification and salvation of others
Jesus is the living Bread of eternal life
May our heart be led by our faith
Cling to the Word of God to remain in the truth of Christ
Jesus emphasizes the gravity and horror of sin
Our Heavenly Father's extravagant love for His children
Living in the presence of God
False mercy - putting human concerns above God's will and laws
Our most loveable Heavenly Father
Our love for others can be true and enduring if it is for the sake of God
I am the God who heals you
Unholy Fear is not from the Lord
The Greatest Ones of God
A great desire of our soul is to render praise to God
Grace is God's power and life within us
We choose the yoke we put on - we choose whom we serve
The faithful Friend who is with us from beginning to end
When faith takes a back seat to rational thinking and human feelings
The whole universe is not worth even one soul
Hold on tight to our glorious birthright
Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God
After the Blessed Trinity, Mary has the greatest power against evil
In Jesus is the truth we thirst for. In Jesus is the love we need. In Jesus is the life we seek
True abundance is not what we own but what we are and worth
God's will unfolds for those who seek to do His will
Why we believe
The most wholesome shortcut to our True Self
God acts mightily for those who trust in Him
The only regret we will have in heaven
The Sacraments continue mightily the saving mission of Christ
Faithfulness will be our Joy
Christ consummates His love for His Church on the Cross and in the Holy Eucharist
Be the first to make peace. You will be specially blessed
It remains the duty of each soul to come into God's will
Christ was humiliated to give us the strength to overcome our pride
Listening to the voice of God
Let's refrain from being self-reverential. It is God who gives us the power and intentions to act
No amount of good deeds can save us if we do not repent of our sins
Our most precious possession
God comes first.
At that moment Heaven was opened
The holy love the Spirit pours into hearts will overcome the evil in the world
Love Jesus then you will find it easier to love others
Let's make room for Jesus in our hearts this Christmas
Intellectualising our faith will lead to cold hearts and loss of faith
Salvation is through faith in Christ. No one is saved through good deeds alone
the virtue of simplicity of heart
False piety versus Holiness
What is my core identity?
Christ's yoke - light and easy
The victory that conquers the world is our Faith (1 John 5:4)
My Present Moment - My Most Precious Gift to God
The Scourge of the World
The order of Divine Authority in the Family
Childlike holiness - the way to walk
To love is to obey - the faith of Jesus in God the Father
Understanding where our feelings come from
Demolishing strongholds in our minds
God is unchanging and so is His teaching
The story of any conversion - Living a sacramental life of grace
Is my conscience a meeting place with God?
Jesus wants us to honour His Mother Mary
My role in God's Kingdom is unique and cannot be replaced
Trust in God's will, and peace will be ours
Responding to the urgings of our inner self, and seeking out God's Presence
We swing from indifferent apathy to feverish anxiety because we forget the presence of God
Blessed are those who realise they need God in everything, theirs is the kingdom of heaven
Confession is a Powerful Weapon against Satan
The Eucharistic Lord, our Heavenly Healer
Chicken or Eagle
Set the stage for God to intervene in your life
Discerning the Truth
God has prepared a heavenly mansion for you and your family
Every Moment is an Opportunity to Grow in Holiness
God's Highest Attribute - His Divine Mercy
Stand out in a Crowd
Sharing in the Power of the Resurrection
Transcending time and space to be on Calvary
Combatting the evil within us
Diminish the power of the evil one by refusing to engage with him
Submit our Minds in Obedience to the Truth
To be filled with the fullness of God
The reason Jesus gives us Mary
Let God's will be done! - the best cry for help
Jesus comes in simplicity to speak to the simplicity of our hearts
Enter into the sacrificial Spirit of Jesus
Mary, our Powerful Protection against Satan
Ask the Lord for the Gift of Discernment
God is perfect and unchanging and so is His teaching
Our Final Security is to Abide in God's Will
God's Word cannot be altered by any person or power and stands forever
True joy is not because of our possessions or achievements but only because of God
Gratitude to God keeps our joy alive
Sharing in the Faith of our Blessed Mother Mary
Christ needs our help in saving and sanctifying souls
The plan God has for every soul is glorious from beginning to end
Following our conscience is not enough, we need to live Christ's teachings
God speaks up for those who remain humbly silent
Our Trust in God is the Barometer of our Love for and Faith in Him
We need wisdom to see things from God's perspective
Do you have a personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father?
It takes courage and perseverance to live in the Truth and uphold it
Jesus says, Pray always and don't be discouraged
We cannot be saved by good acts alone - we cannot be our own Saviour
Lord, open my eyes to see the Enemy and close my heart to deceit
The First Thing Jesus Did
God does not call us to be successful but faithful
Jesus proves it is worthwhile to stand up for the Truth
It is a privilege and joy to be able to pray
In the Spiritual Realm We are either for God or against Him
Our most prized possession - Our beautiful, eternal, everlasting soul
Everything seems lost but faith lives on
The pure of heart can see God in others and understand His ways
Our help is needed in God's global plan of salvation
Why God allows us to sin
The Only One who can truly make us happy
Pride, the root of our unhappiness
God will not test us beyond our limits
Jesus is Present in all our Storms
Our Minds, a Battlefield of Satan
Trust in God Accepts All Outcomes
The Eucharist is Jesus, True Man and True God
Wait for the Power from on High
Without holy love and humility we cannot live in the Truth
It's not about our feelings. It's about our faith.
Our Mandate
The True Calling of a Christian
Our Greatest Stumbling Block
The Greatest Miscarriage of Justice
Sin deprives us of the highest freedom
From Eternity to Eternity You are the Deepest Desire of My Heart
Surrender to Grace
Be a Receptacle of God's Love and Mercy
For Jesus' Pleasure, let's Focus all our Loving Sentiments on God, our Heavenly Father, the Source of all our Goodness
The Unity of My Life - Do I Have a United Identity
The Highest Form of Freedom
Draw Closer to God By Loving Others More Ardently
I Need to Pray as I am an Earthen Vessel
The Lord Qualifies Those He Commissioned
Unity with God Brings Fruitfulness to our Lives and Salvation to Souls
Let Go of the Spirit of the World and Pray for a Powerful Anointing of the Holy Spirit
A New Beginning - Ascend the Mystical Mountain that is JESUS
My Soul Arise and Praise the Lord
I Surrendered All to Come as a Baby in Your Midst
Revealing the Truth
Understand the Will of God
I can Accept Anything that Happens to Me
Humility the Key to Wisdom as God Reveals His Secrets to the Humble
Persecution will Form the True Christian
We are the Victorious Children of Mary, the Immaculate One
Seeing Others through the Eyes of Jesus
Failure to see ourselves as we really are
Formed to be a true child of God
Do not be taken in by the Master of Lies
Do I have a personal relationship with the Lord
Trust Proceeds from a Loving and Humble Heart
Loving God with an Abandonment is necessary to feel peace
Everything that Happened to Me is a Grace
The Fast that will bring Real Joy to Jesus
The Most Beautiful Act in the World Continued in Me
Conscience in Crisis
Our Free Will Holds the Key to our Future
The Greatest Inspiration We Can Receive
Knowledge Must Lead to God in Order to Have Salvific Value
Being Trained to be Worthy of His Kingdom
I Have Greatly Desired to Eat this Passover with You
Will I be the First to Cast a Stone
Our Enemies are Not of Flesh and Blood
Feel-Good Mentality Fuelled by Unholy Fears
God's Purpose is Always to Save
I make up what is lacking in Christ's sufferings
The Holy Spirit has been given to me. I have been sent.
Bearing lasting gifts to my Heavenly Father
Even though an army surrounds me, I will not fear
Seeing Myself through the Precious Blood of Christ
Self Knowledge, the Key to Holiness
Our Greatest Need
Our Highest Purpose
Praying in the Spirit, the Way to Pray
Lord Save Me from Myself
You Raised Me Up to Walk on Stormy Seas
His Last Gift to Us
Our Most Precious Jewel
God Opens Himself to Vulnerability
Am I A True Worshipper
To Be Given Everything Seek First the Kingdom of God
Missing the Higher Calling
Born to Thirst
Always on My Mind
Never Undermine Christ's Work of Redemption by Giving Bad Example
Self Centredness the Greatest Obstacle to Holy Love
Tame that Spark of Fire
My Greatest Gift To God
Is Your Heart Seeking
God wants us to be joyful always
Don't You Know Your Body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit
In Christ We Will Never Be Defeated
Jesus, My Praise, My Love, My Adoration
Our Real Fulfillment is in Answering God's Call
Send Your Fire Lord
The Greatness of a Soul is in ...
The Unending Miracle - God's Divine Mercy
Ascend to Your Calvary
Does the Devil Know You
God's Greatest Desire
Jesus My Interior Teacher
Living the Holy Mass
Show us the Father and that will be enough for us
The Innermost Desire of the Human Heart
What is Christian love
Without Faith It is Impossible to Please God
Win Many Daily Battles for the Lord
The Unending Miracle - God's Divine Mercy
Peace and Security Can Only Be Found in God's Will
My Vocation is to Praise God
Loving Jesus with the Heart of Mary
In Christ is Our Indestructible Hope
Be Faithful to the Name We Bear
Mary, our Shortcut to Jesus
Jesus Comforts Us
The Power of Fasting
Be a Wise Builder
Humility Helps Me See..
Why We Confess our Sins to A Priest
Holy Love is the Ultimate Power and Unity
The Very Thing We Must Never Let Go
Purification of the World Starts with My Own Heart
The Prowling Devouring Lion
Where is God in the Midst of Human Sufferings
Christ’s Gift of the Holy Mass
God Works Marvels through the Humble
Holy Love, the Port of Entry
No Better Place for Me
Be A Victim of Love and A Prayer Warrior
The Lord Calls Me By Name
Do Not Put God to the Test
Unfailing Hope is Found Only in God
Do I Compartmentalise God
Walking into my Destiny
I am Called to Announce the Good News
Rewriting the Script of the Christmas Play
Destined for Eternal Joy
Calvary Continued
The Thief Who Stole Paradise
In My Weaknesses I am Made Strong
Be Fired Up with Zeal
Obedience to God’s Will=True Love
Gift of the Present Moment
My Body, A Holy and Living Sacrifice
Power in My Hands
Hunger and Thirst for God’s Word
A Short Cut to Holiness
God wants All of Us to Have Peace Always
Father, Glorify Thy Son
We Are In Spiritual Warfare
Confession – A Powerful Weapon Against Satan
The Presence of God in quiet and stillness
The Greatness of Littleness
Where are You Lord
Maturing into Spiritual Childhood
The Spirit of the World is Much Alive
Meditation on the Eucharist
Trample that Fear!
How God Sees Us
If You Believe You Will See the Glory of God
We are One in Love
Is My House Made of Hay and Straw
Receive the Power From on High
The Unequalled Greatness and Love of Christ
Take up the Sword of the Spirit
The Gift of Gifts, the Folly of God
There are not two paths but ONE
Stepping into Endless Glory
Christ’s Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
A Brief Meditation on the Passion of Jesus
Work of Satan Exposed
Send the Tempter Fleeing
False Piety Versus Holiness
Cheer Up, He is Calling You !
Do I Identify Myself as the Lord’s Servant
What the Lord Wants Most is Obedience
The Folly of Self-Will
Mary, the Greatest Evangelist
Epiphany Everyday
Jesus, the All-Round Problem Solver
What Would Christ Do
The conditions for miracles
Am I A Mere Observer
Real Peace and Rest From the Lord
The Little Way
God’s Love for Us and Our Trust in Him
Do not Grieve the Holy Spirit
Today You will be with Me in Paradise
United to My True Vine
What Type of Soil Am I?
Jesus teaches humility
Divine Exchange
Three Heroic Young Men
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